Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Holy Partners, Seriously?!

Sometimes God has a way of smacking me in the face with scripture and he did just that this morning! Today's epistle lesson is from Hebrews, Chapter 3, and there's a phrase in verse one that smacked me and that has been with me all day long -- I cannot stop meditating on it. I have found that I am, like Mary, pondering it in my heart. Here's the phrase "holy partners in a heavenly calling". Once I recovered a bit from the smack, I did what a wise man told me to do when struck (he failed to mention being smacked!) by a word or phrase, "look at the words preceding what struck you." I did just that and was yet again, smacked! The words preceding "holy partners in a heavenly calling" were "therefore, brothers and sisters". Okay, that means you and me!

And, if that those smacks were not good enough, here's another. On my morning walk these questions kept bubbling up, "Why Lent? Why is it necessary, really?" These questions bubbled up before I read the lectionary this morning and I simply cannot help but wonder if God isn't trying to tell me that he gives us a yearly season to get cleaned up because it is his desire to make us holy and not just for holiness' sake but so that we can respond to the heavenly call he has placed within each one of us!

And so, my friends, this has sort of left me speechless today and in a deep stating of pondering all things in my heart. There really is so much in my soul that needs the light of God (some holes in need of darning).

Before I sign off, I will share that so far I have been diligent about practicing the prayer of examen that I posted earlier in the week. Yes, it really does seem that God is doing some darning of my soul! I think the day is getting long and I still have not practiced the prayer of examen that I committed to God (and to you all) to "do" for Lent so I will close with this -- May the peace of Christ be with you all as you partner with God to become holy partners in your heavenly calling!

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